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book reading

Author Kevin Dawson doing a reading for a local school's online advent calendar. With added sound effects and music to bringthe story to life even more, Kevin hopes children get a kick out of hearing the adventure read in this way.



Before Karen finishes her artwork with lovely, vibrant colour, she has to draw all the outlines to the characters and the environment in which they live. Here are a few of the actual drawings that ended up in the book that you can and colour in however you want to. Maybe Giant should be purple, of the trees should be orange. It's up to you, there are no rules here!

All you need to do is (on a computer, not a phone) is hover over an image and click the the downward arrow to download it. On a phone, you may have to click the image first and then you will see the arrow.

Banana Choones Transparent.png

Author Kevin has also written songs for You Tube channel Banana Choones. Here is a video with wonderful animation by Sean Sears. One is a fun song about the Solar System called 'Planets Revolve Around the Sun' and the other was aimed at making children feel more positive and less frightened when going back to school in September 2020 after lockdown.

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